A Fantasy Soap that cleans up evil.
 Meet The Crew
In this scene from 'The 9 to 5 Sovereign' author Alison J. Marshall's account of my life, wizard Cedric Pendragon (RICKY MONTES) ducks a fireball hurled at him by one of Lord Lucas' gremlins (not pictured). Although the Key Grip (Sammer Abu AlRagheb) uses an LED light to illuminate Cedric's face, in post-production the Editor (JOHN BIEHL who is also Directing the series) will use cgi FX to insert the Gremlin and the fireball. The final effect: Cedric ducks just in the nick of time as 4000 degrees of fire whip past his face. 

-- Jenna 
In this scene from my life story, Cedric Pendragon (played by RICKY MONTES) and his brother and king, Eldon (played by TOM WILSON), demonstrate where their individual hearts lie: Eldon loves 'cronuts' (not quite a croissant, not quite a donut). Cedric loves his books and knows that cleanliness is next to Kingliness. I can't believe these guys really would know how to save me from the Lord Lucas. 
Gods help me. 

-- Jenna 
In this scene from my life story, the Director of Photography (MIKEY GARCIA-ORTIZ) and the Director (JOHN BIEHL) capture one of evil Lord Lucas' menagerie animals. If you happen upon his hideout somewhere on the grounds of the Garden Valley Ranch (gardenvalleyranch.com) outside of San Francisco in the City of Petaluma, do take care not to follow the Carousel Corridor. You'll likely run into Lucas at the very end. And you don't want to do that. 

--- Jenna